1. Why to attend courses from Amanah IIFE only?

There are many reasons and facts which differentiate us from other institutions. Following are top 10 reasons why you should attend our courses:

  1. German Excellence and Worldwide Acceptability
  2. Internationally recognized certification/diploma
  3. Availability of variety of Scholarships
  4. Career placement support for our certified outstanding students
  5. Credibility and Authenticity - our E-Learning programs are accredited by a highly respected leading Islamic scholars
  6. Training in accordance with standards of AAOIFI and IFSB
  7. Interactive e-learning courses including PDF scripts, the most relevant practical exercises, case studies, a self-assessment test databank, and videos.
  8. Excellence in Quality - access to the most relevant study material designed by the most renowned experts and professionals in their respective fields
  9. Reliability - we always deliver what we promise
  10. Personalized support 365 Days

2. What Amanah IIFE offers unique compared to competitors?

Our courses are designed and developed by the unrivalled Islamic Banking professionals, industry practitioners, trainers and the most qualified and well-known international academics. Our courses enrich the learning experience of participants by providing the most relevant and contemporary knowledge available in the Islamic Banking and financial industry today.

3. What is Course registration procedure?

The registration procedure is very simple. Fill the application form online or download it from website, fill it and send it along with necessary documents at info@amanahiife.com.

4. What is the duration of a Post Graduate Diploma and Other Certifications?

Post Graduate Diploma has duration of 6 months whereas Certifications have duration of 3 months.

5. Are there scholarships/Financial Aid available for students?

We offer a wide range of scholarships based on merit, experience, student status and need. Please find detailed information at www.amanahiife.com/e-learning/scholarships

6. What is the prerequisite to register for E-Learning Courses?

For Post Graduate Diploma in Islamic Banking & Finance and Post Graduate Diploma in Takaful, a student should have 2 Years Bachelor Degree or 1 year work experience after A Levels/Intermediate/Higher Secondary School Education. However, prerequisite requirements may be relaxed on individual basis depending personal CV.

7. What is the study methodology of courses?

Once your tuition fee is processed, you will receive an admission confirmation letter and login details. You may then log-in and setup your account to begin your course, which you will work through at your own pace - anytime, anywhere. You have 24/7 access to E-class and resources. You will also have unlimited access to e-manuals, interactive lectures, an e-library, live faculty interactions, and many other helpful resources.

8. How much knowledge of finance is required to successfully pass a course?

There is no prerequisite knowledge needed to achieve the best overall success in our courses, as the each course assumes no previous knowledge of Islamic Banking or Finance. We have structured course material in a systematic manner to gradually expose difficult concepts to the participants.

9. Are courses flexible enough to study along with Job or study?

Our courses are structured in such a way that it provides a highly interactive platform that allows professionals and students the flexibility they need to effectively manage their obligations, such as career, study and family.

10. Who can attend these courses?

Our courses are suitable for Islamic Banking professionals, Staff of conventional banks & financial institutions, staff of Takaful & Microfinance institutions, trainers, consultants, auditors, students and researchers (other professionals from different industries are also welcome to study). Independent learners can also gain knowledge by registering in our courses.

11. Is a non-Muslim can also attend these courses?

Of course. Our courses are open to all people irrespective of their religion or country.

12. What is the Nature of Assignments/ Exams?

Each module is comprised of 3 Assignments which is considered as equivalent to written exams. Students will receive comprehensive tips and coaching regarding preparation of assignments.

13. Is there any consultation service related to course?

Yes. In case of any question, a student may contact faculty member or advisory panel using interactive online learning platform using email option.

14. Can I postpone my module or course?

Yes. However, a student must inform in written and state the reason. The final approval will be given by the relevant faculty member.

15. Does Amanah IIFE offer Job Placement Facility?

Yes. We facilitate those students who have successfully completed their Diploma/Certificate from us. We help candidate in his/her C.V. and Cover letter and also provide recommendation letter. However, ultimately job search is the responsibility of the student.

16. How Grading is done?

Each Assignment carries 100 marks. Qualified faculty members mark each Assignment based on pre-determined grading criteria which is based on quality and content of Assignment. It is compulsory to obtain at least 60% marks in an individual assignment and overall to pass course.

17. I am not from Banking and finance professional. Can I also attend course related to Islamic Banking and Finance to increase my knowledge?

Yes. We have structured our courses in such a manner that one can easily understand complex terminologies and concepts even related to Islamic Banking.