About Us

Amanah Institute of Islamic Finance and Economics

Amanah Institute of Islamic Finance and Economics, or Amanah IIFE, is an international consulting firm. Amanah IIFE is committed to fulfil the needs and requirements of the Islamic Banking & Finance, Islamic Microfinance, Ethical Banking & Finance and Takaful (Islamic Insurance) industries. Amanah IIFE provides a diverse range of unrivalled services to financial institutions, businesses, educational institutions, entrepreneurs and individuals. We are providing following quality services globally:

  • Advisory and consultancy
  • Market Research & Development
  • Education & Capacity Building
  • E-learning Programs
  • Strategy Design & Implementation
  • Publications, Conferences & Events


We strongly believe that we will be successful, if our business partners and clients are successful. We strive for excellence while offering quality services that are unmatched in the industry. Amanah IIFE plays an instrumental role in the training and development of financial institutions, individuals and business organizations around the world.

Amanah IIFE has a multidisciplinary and innovative global team of outstanding professionals working together in a collaborative environment to deliver value to our clients. Our team is making a difference in the success of our clients and global communities.

Our diversity of background, experience, passion for innovative thinking, and a commitment to the highest quality service provide a solid foundation for our success and enable us to bring about measurable results and success for you. Amanah IIFE rewards people's performance, hard work and commitment, and we listen to our clients and value collaboration as we help them achieve growth.

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