Amanah Center of Islamic Microfinance

About Amanah Centre of Islamic Microfinance

Amanah Centre of Islamic Microfinance (Amanah CIM) is committed to facilitating and strengthening the Islamic Microfinance industry through Product Development, Product Innovation Management, Awareness Creation, Shari’ah Expertise and Supervision, Standardization and provision of Technical Assistance.

Islamic Microfinance is the confluence and convergence of two burgeoning industries: microfinance and Islamic Finance. The social aspects of Islamic Finance accentuate helping poor segments of society by enhancing social justice, economic development, entrepreneurship and risk sharing, in order to offer microfinance products that create a powerful transformational strategy essential to increasing financial inclusiveness and develop financial opportunities for people around the world.

Main Services

Amanah CIM aims to develop the global microfinance industry by enhancing the capabilities of Microfinance Institutions and Organizations with expert support in the areas of:

  • Advisory and Consultancy
  • Research and Development
  • Islamic Microfinance Product Development
  • Capacity Building (Trainings)
  • Consumer Awareness
  • Product Innovation

To eradicate poverty, Microfinance Institutions and Organizations should be equipped with adequate knowledge about contemporary products and tools. The primary purpose of Amanah CIM is to strengthen those abilities of the Institutions and Organizations working to fight for poverty alleviation in a Shari’ah-compliant manner. Sustainable and effective organizations can help all financially oppressed people by creating better opportunities for the poor.